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Design-Expert® Version 9 Software for Windows

Design-Ease® Version 9 Software for Windows

Statistics Made Easy®

Stat-Ease makes it easy for you to perform statistical design of experiments (DOE) with Design-Ease® or Design-Expert® software. Design-Ease offers multilevel factorial screening designs to help you find the critical factors that lead to breakthrough improvements. Trade up to Design-Expert for more in-depth exploration. Use response surface methods to optimize your process or mixture. Display optimum performance with terrific 3D plots. Design-Expert is a comprehensive DOE tool with all of the features of Design-Ease, plus much more!


Design-Expert® Software Version 9.

Make breakthrough improvements to a product or a process with Design-Expert software. You can not only screen for vital factors, but also locate ideal process settings for top performance and discover optimal product formulations. 

Special new features in version 9 include new graphics and an improved interface, better mixture design and modeling tools, more choices for custom-designing your experiment, additional statistics and more concise reporting, increased visibility and versatility of tools and features, enhanced design evaluation, and many other features making it even nicer, easier, and faster than before! Design-Expert includes all of Design-Ease's features, plus many more!

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Design-Ease® Software Version 9.

Design-Ease is an entry-level program for design and analysis of factorial screening experiments.  Use it to detect main effects and interactions that lead to breakthrough improvements.  A few of version 7.1's many new features include upfront power calculations for factorial designs, the option of displaying grid lines on 3D graph back planes, and Min-Run Res V designs up to 50 factors.
Identify the breakthrough factors for process or product improvement. Design-Ease software helps you set up and analyze general factorial, two-level factorial, fractional factorial (up to 31 variables) and Plackett-Burman designs (up to 31 variables). You can also do numerical optimization. With these designs you can quickly screen for critical factors and their interactions.

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